0344 259 8000


Traditional Lines

Analogue lines

Line rentals, transfers and installations all managed with one point of contact.

Transferring to Vandercom is a seamless “zero touch” transfer. Our services work with your existing equipment, telephone numbers and telephone lines. There is no downtime or loss of service.

Business Care

Resolve any service affecting issue quicker. With a response time within 4 hours, we resolve all problems within 24 hours.

  • Simplified billing tailored to your requirements
  • One call resolution
  • No minimum call charge
  • Calls rounded to the nearest second
  • 24/7 response
  • Openreach Engineers - All installations and line faults are managed by Openreach engineers ensuring highest quality.

The only change you will notice is the savings and high standard of service.

Inbound Number

Create an immediate national presence without the high overheads.

Inbound numbers are yours for life, even if you relocate or the geographical number changes. It works perfectly with your disaster recovery solution, in the event of an issue or system failure, you can redirect your number to another location.

  • No answer divert
  • Message box
  • Geographical divert - redirect calls to their nearest branch or call centre
  • Direct calls to the relevant department

Monitor call activity by hour or day, by week or by month. View call statistics with our online portal:

  • Number of calls received and answered
  • Duration and time of call
  • Number of unanswered calls

Number range

  • 01, 02, 03 Local Call
  • 0800 Free to call
  • 0808 Free to call
  • 0500 Free to Call
  • 0843 Local Rate
  • 0844 Local Rate
  • 0871 National Rate
  • 0872 National Rate
  • 090 Premium Rate